A Clear View

Wheres this clear view? 


                   Saturday  11th February 2017  - ‘A Clear View’

Barningham Village – 8.30am:  A quartet of adventurous individuals set off with snow underfoot taking a circular route towards Langthwaite.  Visibility on the high tops was very limited making a mockery of the walk’s title.  A late coffee break was taken on Booze Moor fortunately in an unlocked shooting lodge.  We then descended onto the Stang Road due to the poor conditions of heavy driving snow, even causing a passing motorist to offer Dave a lift.  We walked further on to the Stang Plantation where we took a quick lunch under the cover of the tree line and at this point we all wondered about our sanity.

Arriving back at Barningham Moor the weather had changed and there was little or no snow allowing us to make a quick descent back to the village.  One wag said it would be nice to do the walk again later in the year so that he could actually see where he had been.

Thank you sincerely to all who attended braving very challenging conditions.


Anton Nielsen

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