Valleys 100

Kay Albert and Dave flying the Welsh Flag

 Valleys 100 Report 24th-26th May 2014

We left Monmouth School at 10.03am on Saturday morning 24th May and arrived back at the finish at 07.25am on Monday 26th May, some 45hrs 22minutes, to a rousing reception.  Vince and I spent the first few miles walking together under his Pound shop brolly; Dave was nowhere to be seen having galloped of at the start.

It was evident from the start that Vince had an injury and was struggling to keep the pace of the walk – he eventually urged me to go on without him to see if I could catch up Dave.   Dave and I were re-united at CP1 (8miles) where Steve Hudson decided to go it alone and press on, however we did frequently cross paths with Steve over the next 30 miles or so.

We had a wonderful reception from the overworked cp staff at Moriah Hall – CP 5, The Cleveland bunch, Eva, Tom, Carol and Pat, together with 6 from the Northumberland Group.  At this point Roy Ramsay, Nicola and Kay from Devon and Cornwall Group decided to join us for the night section.  The next 20 miles was mostly through bog and flooded reed beds. The flagged route over Gelli-Gaer common was knee deep at times and we often had to help each other over this dangerous bog.

We all had the “full monty” breakfast at Tredegar, where Roy and Nicola decided to retire (who could blame them we’d had torrential rain from the start of the event, right through the night, we were drenched and the rain made the underfoot atrocious).

The next section to Pen-y-Fan Pond was slightly drier but still boggy underfoot, our group was down to three now, Kay Dave and me.  Pat, Vince, Tom, Carol and Eva met us at this lovely spot and after a short break we were off again, with Vic Lockie from Harrogate in tow.

We had a long slog uphill through the forest followed by a reasonable crossing of a bleak moor down to Nantyglow – it was tempting to give up at this 70 mile point, we were all tired and reluctant to make a move, we rallied and left CP11 to cross another bleak moor to drop down to Cwmavon and were well looked after by Devon and Cornwall Group.

Only 20miles to go, easy peasy you would think, not a bit of it, more bleak moor, bogs wind and more rain.  We met up with Eva, Tom and Carol in the dark close to CP13 – Keepers Pond – this is a delightful spot on a good day – but not tonight though, we were poor company for our supporters. We left Keepers Pond in the company of the guy walking the Double Hundred; he went off at what seemed the speed of light and left us in his wake.

After Llanellen – CP14 the going was easier although we were down to 1 mile an hour on the flat canal towpath, with spirits rising we climbed the sting in the tail up to the Folly Tower and a gradual fall to the finish, where  Tom Carol and Eva were walking down to meet us, once again their timing was perfect.


Dave and Albert leaving Pen-y-Fan Pond

Evas photos.

Daves photos