Norm's Malteser Challenge

On this year’s New Year walk and lunch I was chatting to Mary about fo……foo…..that’s right food, and not football (rugby or association)!

We were chatting about the Midsummer Meanders on the 20th June and I mentioned to Mary that I would provide a Malteser Cake.

I went to my work place at Hatfield in Jan this year to carry out an audit of the hardware stock that we have there for our contract that I’m working on.
I enjoyed my time there back in 2014 for 7 months despite the commute and had intended to bake a Malteser Cake for the team I used to work on. However………………………………….

I didn’t get around to doing it and subsequently found out that of the team I worked on only 2 were left and they were both on a workshop that day. All of the others had left so it’s a good job I didn’t get baking.
That has left me with 5 packets of Maltesers and a 100g bar of dark cooking chocolate to in my kitchen. There were 6 but one disappeared somewhere.
The dilemma I’ve put myself in…..will they survive until the week before the Meander?  For some reason Mary believed not!

So please find attached a photo of the remaining Malteser packets around my biscuit tin…(which is always empty..) . We could also have a competition to name my biscuit tin….

                                                                                                            photo      Norman Corrin