April Strider

The Long Distance Walkers Association

We plan to post April Strider by 25th March at the latest  so it should be with you before 1st April.

If you have recently moved please ensure you have updated  your address (either by logging in at the LDWA website, then selecting 'members' followed by 'view/edit your details' to update your own details,  or by e mailing your new details to me so I can update your membership record). I need all addresses updated by 11th March as in that week the address lists for Strider will be set and sent to the printer.

If Strider has not arrived with you by April 1st it is likely to be missing, so from that date please contact the Membership Secretary to ask for a replacement to be sent.

Unless something unforeseen happens this is likely to be my last e mail to you as Membership Secretary as my time in post comes to an end at the AGM on 10th March, and Julia Warman takes over. We will have a week or so handover period after the AGM  but then it is goodbye from me. 

It has been a pleasure serving you as LDWA Membership Secretary. Thank you all for your patience and understanding when things haven't gone perfectly, and to so many of you for your support of the LDWA Membership Secretary role by paying by Direct Debit. When I took over on 23rd March 2013 4128 of you paid by Direct Debit.  Now it is close to 7000. If we are to remain volunteer run it is essential that that trend to Direct Debit payment continues, as without it the workload of Membership Secretary becomes too much for a volunteer  at renewal time.

I am confident  Julia will be a great membership secretary, and I hope she will feel I have handed over things in good order. I'm sure you will all offer her the same level of support as you have offered me.

Happy Walking, and Best Regards

Steph Carter

LDWA Membership Secretary