BBN Merchandise

BBN Mugs (£2), Badges (£1) and Buffs (£5) are available at BBN Challenge Events and are taken to most group walks. Speak to Dave Findel-Hawkins or Mary Knight Tech T-Shirts, Fleeces and Beanies, plus a range of other garments, are ordered direct from the manufacturer PECO.  See  BBN Branded…

BBN Branded Garments - How to Order

Beanies All BBN branded merchandise is ordered directly from our supplier PECO, who have a wide selection of garments available. Look here for the range of products, prices and how to order    PECO Alternatively, you may order a beanie by sending an email to and include the…

Travelling Buffs

Travelling Buffs – where’s your buff been?The furthest, the highest, the strangest.  No prizes, just bragging rights.  photos

Where's Your BBN Kit Been?

Where's Your BBN Kit Been? photos photos