Guide for Supporters of Event Participants

This guide starts by repeating what was said last year as it is important.

We all know that in recent years increasing numbers of friends and family members have taken to following and supporting their people on the Hundred, so we expect there will be no shortage of followers in 2020.

However it does present any organising committee with a serious problem, as not all checkpoints are able to manage the numbers of vehicles that arrive and remain parked waiting to cheer and applaud their participants. Where there are no practical difficulties we are all for welcoming supporters, adding as they do to the overall spirit of the event, but at other times the sudden and unexpected arrival of supporters can have a very negative impact and consequently become a real threat to the good name of the LDWA.

Walkers with several hundreds under their belt will be aware of this and may have encountered instances of the discomforting behaviour of some individuals who are determined to catch sight of their entrant. Organisers from previous years will perhaps have witnessed occasions when the LDWA had not been well served by its own members, while marshals will have encountered supporters taking over areas of the checkpoint and asking busy marshals for information which is generally available online.  Accordingly we are providing guidance on those checkpoints where there are no difficulties and those where we ask anyone not actually taking part in the event to avoid. Even at those locations we see as being welcoming, we ask anyone arriving hoping to give their support to exercise every care, to follow guidance from the marshals and above all to show respect and awareness to local residents, who may be householders, farmers or have other legitimate interests.

Given the potential seriousness of any incident, those individuals behaving irresponsibly or without due care and attention to their surroundings will be brought to the attention of the checkpoint manager who if involved will expect immediate cooperation and compliance with any reasonable request. If in the very unlikely case of anything not being resolved at once the incident will be reported to the 100 Review Group with the possibility of subsequent sanctions for any LDWA member involved.

Below is a summary of just how things are at checkpoints, and for that matter convenient viewing points between checkpoints. Please note that anybody who is not an entrant in the event will not be allowed access into a checkpoint, including HQ, unless permission has been given by one of the volunteer supporters at that location.

Directions, grid references, opening/closing times and any other guidance should be taken from the Route Descriptions issued to all participants.

Download a copy of this page here

HQ Chepstow School & Leisure Centre. There should be no real difficulty here although all available parking at the school will be in use by organisers and entrants. As there will not be a mass start this year we would suggest parking in one of the town car parks and watching people coming down the hill to the castle [good photo opportunity!]

Black Rock Car Park [drinks stop]. This is a grab and go water point at around 5 miles.  There is limited parking, but no real issue other than making sure you do not block the road outside the car park for other users

Rogiet Community Hall: absolutely no parking at the hall [marshals only] or on the surrounding narrow residential streets.  The best plan is to park at Severn Tunnel Junction Railway Station, which the route passes.  Park in the lower car park [left on the descent from the road] which is free on Saturday.  Leave through the low wooden barrier at the far end and walk up the side of the playing fields to the benches at the top.  The route passes right by here and it is an ideal viewing / meeting point as we expect this hall to be busy.

Foresters Oaks Car Park:  the checkpoint is located at the far end of the car park, which is free, but could be busy.  We only have marquees here and no facilities, so please meet your entrant away from the actual checkpoint.  If the car park is full there is another one a little further up the road at Cadira Beeches.  Please note that the post code given for the car park covers a very large area – you need to check the grid reference / map

Usk Centenary Hall: Note there are two halls within the same large car park.  The checkpoint is in the Centenary Hall [alias the Scout Hut] at the back of the car park and not in the larger Memorial Hall.  No great difficulties here, the car park is free but the hall could be busy as we anticipate the different starts beginning to merge here

The Bryn Village Hall:  No supporters and absolutely no vehicles to attempt to get to this hall.  This is not really a ‘remote’ location, but a tiny village with one dead end road and the hall right at the end with extremely limited parking.  We have promised the villagers that, given this is an overnight checkpoint, there will be a minimal amount of traffic passing down the residential road to the hall.  Please respect this and if you must meet your entrant park and wait up on the B4598 about 500 yards east of the turning to The Bryn where you should be able to park near a now closed pub on the south side of the road.

Abergavenny Guide Hall:   Large car park outside the hall, free at night and on Sunday [at time of writing].  Should be no issues here but just respect the instructions of the marshals

Cwmyoy Village Hall:   Please don’t try to park near this checkpoint!  There is only enough car parking for marshals and the minibus, plus the actual road is narrow and twisty so any cars parked can cause real problems.  Passing places are seen periodically, do NOT park in them!  If you are desperate to visit then park in the car park opposite the Lancaster Arms [£2 per day at time of writing] and walk to the checkpoint, less than a mile along the road

Treats Campsite Llanthony:   No access permitted along this private road.  We would recommend no cars coming along the road to Llanthony in the dark, but if you do drive up in daylight you must park in the public car park [free] at Llanthony Abbey.  You can meet your entrant where the footpath leaves the road by Court Farm. 

Longtown Outdoor Centre: Breakfast Stop.  There is no parking available at the Outdoor Centre, there may be a few places at the village hall just down the road, but obviously hall users have priority.  There is very limited on-road parking that won’t block other vehicles.  The venue itself is complicated and quite compact, so if you want to visit you must ask permission from the marshals before entering.  However don’t despair, apart from one more checkpoint on private land supporting becomes much easier from now on

Pandy Village Hall.  A good place for supporters, located on a main road with a good sized car park, this is a big hall.

Treadam Barn.   No parking at the venue or on the narrow road.  This checkpoint is on private property and we don’t want to cause any problems for the owner, so please don’t try to bring your vehicle here.  A  good place to meet your entrant would be at White Castle, which has a few parking spots and is less than a mile away from the checkpoint.   You can visit the castle while waiting and even walk down the hill to the checkpoint using Offas Dyke [follow the route description].

Ty Price Community Hall, Monmouth.  There is no parking at this hall, even for checkpoint staff.  There are free car parks a few hundred yards from the hall in both directions, the best of these being Rockfield Road car park, north of the hall opposite the entrance to Monnow Health and Social Care facility.  The entrants come past this on their way to the hall.  Another good viewing point is on Monnow Bridge [opposite the hall] – a pedestrian bridge with seats which the walkers cross after leaving the checkpoint.  The hall itself is quite small with a narrow entrance, so supporters should ask permission before coming in and should only do so when their friend / family member has actually arrived

Redbrook Village Hall.  No parking at the hall itself, but two Pay and Display car parks on the opposite side of the main road.  Good size hall which isn’t expected to get too busy

Babington Centre, Trellech.   Small car park round the back and there is also a small car park [free] about 250 yards further along the route on the left hand side of the road.  Again a good size hall which shouldn’t get too crowded

Tintern Village Hall.  Unlikely to be much parking space at the hall itself, but Tintern is not short of car parks!  Enjoy the views of the Abbey, have a cuppa at the cyclists’ café, a few yards from the checkpoint, and reflect on the fact that it is nearly over for another year