Marshals' 100

Y Cant Sir Fynwy 2020 Marshals’ Walk

The Sir Fynwy 100 Marshals’ Walk will take place during the weekend of 2-4 May 2020. Entry is restricted to LDWA Members who are helping over the weekend of the main event on 23-25 May 2020 and will be limited to 50 places. Entrants will be required to provide details of the role(s) they will be undertaking during the main event.

Entries must be sent by post to: Alwyn Nixon, Hen Dafarn, Manson, Monmouth NP25 5RE using the official entry form (version 2). Entries may be made during the period 23 September–8 November 2019. Marshals’ Walk entrants will initially pay the full 100 Walk entry fee of £80 when entering; £40 will be reimbursed after participants have completed their commitments assisting with the Main Walk.

Marshals’ Walk Venue and Route

The venue for the 2020 Marshals’ Walk is Chepstow Rugby Football Club (Burnt Barn Road, Bulwark, Chepstow NP16 5NW Grid ref. ST 536917). Chepstow rail and bus stations are both located at the town centre, about 2 miles away. The Rugby Club is most easily accessed from the strategic road network via the A466 Junction 2 of the M48 at the western end of the old Severn Bridge. Some vehicle parking will be available at the rugby club for the duration of the event, but participants are encouraged to make use of public transport or vehicle share where possible.

The Marshals’ Walk will essentially follow the same route as the Main Walk, but starting and finishing at the Rugby Club which lies just off the Main Walk route at about the 3 mile point. This means that the first miles of the Main Walk through Chepstow will become the last 3 miles of the Marshals’ Walk.

The route is covered by OS 1:25000 sheets OL13, OL14 & 152 and 1:50000 Landranger sheets 161, 162 & 171. (link not yet available) may be purchased which provides the route on a single bespoke sheet.

The same checkpoints will be used as for the Main Walk, except that Longtown Village Hall will serve as the breakfast stop. The latest version of the (link not yet available) is here.

Marshals’ Walk Checkpoints Summary

Checkpoint Description Leg Distance Opens Closes Refreshments
1 Rogiet Hall 8.1    8.1 Sat 11.45 Sat 14.20 Cold
2 Foresters Oaks Tent/Vehicle 6.4   14.5 Sat 13.15 Sat 17.00 Cold
3 Usk Hall 9.8   24.3 Sat 16.30 Sat 21.45 Hot
4 The Bryn Hall 10.2   34.5 Sat 19.15 Sun 02.30 Cold
5 Abergavenny Hall 5.6   40.1 Sat 20.00 Sun 05.15 Hot
6 Cwmyoy Hall 6.6   46.7 Sat 22.30 Sun 08.20 Hot (limited)
7 Llanthony Tent/Vehicle 4.3   51.0 Sat 23.45 Sun 10.40 Cold
8 Longtown Hall 5.7   56.7 Sun 02.15 Sun 13.00 Hot (breakfast)
9 Pandy Hall 5.5   62.2 Sun 04.15 Sun 15.40 Hot
10 Treadam Building 6.6   68.8 Sun 06.00 Sun 18.45 Cold food/hot drinks
11 Monmouth Hall 9.7   78.5 Sun 08.45 Mon 00.00 Hot
12 Redbrook Hall 4.2   82.7 Sun 09.45 Mon 01.30 Hot
13 Trellech Hall 5.1   87.8 Sun 11.00 Mon 04.00 Hot
14 Tintern Hall 4.7   92.5 Sun 12.00 Mon 06.30 Hot
Finish Chepstow Rugby Club 8.1 100.6 Sun 14.00 Mon 10.00 Hot


Registration, Start/Finish and Checkpoint Operation

Pre-start registration will be from 08.45 on Saturday 2 May. There will be one start at 10.00. Checkpoint opening times are based on the fastest participant completing the route in about 28 hours.  Checkpoints will not open earlier than the stated times; any entrant who expects to complete the route faster than this and/or wishes to avoid waiting for checkpoints to open may opt for a later start time by prior arrangement with the organiser.

Checkpoint closing times are based on a participant maintaining an even pace sufficient to complete the route in 48 hours and will be enforced; participants failing to pass through (ie leave) any checkpoint by the stated closing time must retire and will be transported back to Chepstow.

One small (maximum weight 6kg) support bag per participant will be transported from the Walk HQ to the breakfast stop (Longtown 57 miles).


Hot/cold drinks and bread/jam will be available before the start. Vegetarian and vegan finish meal options will be provided. Checkpoint provisions will include suitable vegetarian choices. Entrants with specific dietary requirements (eg vegan, coeliac, lactose intolerant, food allergies) should provide details on their entry form, so that this can be accommodated if possible. In addition, those with particular dietary needs may provide their own food (clearly labelled) for transportation to Checkpoints 3, 8 and 11.  

Walk Rules

The Main 100 Walk Rules will apply similarly in respect of the Marshals’ Walk. The rules concerning minimum kit/equipment/emergency food requirements and adherence to the prescribed route will apply equally to the Marshals’ Walk. 

Further information

Final walk instructions will be issued before the event. In the meantime, any specific queries should be directed to the Marshals’ Walk Organiser