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Thu 23rd Jan 2020
A guide to literature in the area covered by the Y 100 Sir Fynwy has been added. It was written by Simon Pickering who has already contributed the "Guide to the Points of Interest" on Y 100 Sir Fynwy that has been available for several months
All entrants will have a "Personal Closing Time" at all checkpoints which will be used to time-out and retire people who leave a checkpoint at a later time. An explanation of this and a table giving those times can be seen here. This is particularly important to those taking more than 40 hours to…
Tue 7th Jan 2020
The Map and Merchandise page has been updated and items can be purchased directly from the manufacturers
A replacement checkpoint at Monmouth (Ty Price Community Hall) has been identified and booked for the Y 100 Sir Fynwy. The following pages/items have been updated: Checkpoint details Route descriptions (main event) Route GPX files (main event) Route display (main event) Supporters Guide