Reccying the Hundred

Just moseying along the Wall

In recent years it has become increasingly popular to carry out some reconnaissance work on the 100 route. The HH is predominately on public footpaths and whilst preparing for the HH we have met with a wide range of interested parties. It is fair to 
say we have not always met with a welcoming and wholehearted encouragement to exercise our rights of passage on these paths, and this is understandable.

Access issues will always be there. Whilst the long term trend is to extend the right to roam, anyone who has been involved with planning a Hundred, even a challenge walk, will be aware of the difficulty, despite statutory rights, of using particular routes, and will have made changes to preferred routes in response to this.

It has been the same here. We have negotiated with National Parks, including their department with particular interest in National Trails (PW), the National Trust, English Heritage; Inspectors of Ancient Monuments, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Natural England, shooting estates and private landowners. We have given assurances that our people are responsible and will behave to a high standard. It is absolutely vital to the interests of the LDWA that we meet this undertaking. A failure to do so is as big a threat to the LDWA as any, as I don’t doubt previous Hundred organisers will agree.

In the event you decide to go for a pre-event reconnaissance please bear in mind the following:

Hadrian’s Wall Estate.
There are several routes along HW, often to the north and the south but in each case in close proximity to the National Trail. Please use the National Trail, as this has been designed to carry a heavy duty load and is the route we will take on the event. This is based on advice given by the Inspector of Ancient Monuments (English Heritage).

Lambley Viaduct
The HH route goes directly through the garden of Station House at the southern end of the viaduct. However the South Tyne Trail descends on a steep steel staircase just before the garden gates almost to the level on the river and passes around the house and garden to reascend beyond. Tortuous and not something you’d want to do on the event but it will be necessary to take this route on any prior visits. We have been give permission by the householder for the garden route on the day only.

Area around checkpoint 9 - Watersmeeting Farm.
As any birder will tell you Upper Teesdale and Weardale is possibly the UK’s No.1 site for wading birds. Natural England and the NP AONB are uncomfortable about our event. Please exercise particular care.

East Allenheads Estate.
By the time you get here you are almost finished. However once on the moorland between Allendale Town and West Greenridge Farm you are on prime shooting estate. We have spoken to the land agent and assured him of our good behaviour. Although this is all on public right of way and is a perfectly straightforward walk on waymarked path again care would be much appreciated and no dogs, if this can be arranged. Alternatively there are frequent buses from Allendale Town (9 per day) to Hexham.