Live Reporting

Live Reporting

During the event weekend we will also try to publish some "live reporting" onto Facebook and Twitter as the event takes place. We have a team in place who will follow around the route and upload the latest news and photos as it happens, and we will of course try and catch up with Keiron to see how he is doing.

We will also be posting live results as people progress around the course. Please check back here before the event takes place for more details and for links to share with your friend and family so that they can watch the event unfold over the weekend.


Event Report

Rather than producing a printed results booklet after the event, for 2019 we will use this space to publish the usual information from the booklet here instead, both saving on printing costs and allowing us to share information much more quickly than we could if printing everything.

We hope that the blog, live reporting and event report will prove to be a useful resource for future Hundred participants, giving a flavour of what is involved in preparing for, taking part in and organising a Hundred.