Marshals' Walk Rules & Entries

A soggy High Cup Nick

The Marshals' Walk will take place during the weekend of the 4th-6th May 2019.

The Route Description for the Marshals' walk is available here in Word and PDF format.

19.4.2019 - updated to Version 2.1

The Rules for the Hadrian Hundred Marshals' Event are now available from this link.


Entry Fees - £60


Entries are only available to those helping on the main Event. Entries open on Monday 8th October 2018 and will be online only via SiEntries.


The route will be virtually the same as for the main Event though some of the checkpoints will differ.

The following checkpoints used on the main Event will not be used on the Marshals' walk - 

      Newbrough Town Hall

     Sewing Shields

      Greg's Hut

      Birkdale Farm

      Watersmeeting Farm

      Allenheads Lodge

They will be replaced by checkpoints at the following venues - 

      Brocolitia carpark  NY 861 713

      Steel Rigg carpark  NY 750 676

      Dun Fell road  NY 714 309

      Layby near Cow Green reservoir  NY 817 309

      Layby near Allenheads  NY 851 464

A Checkpoint Summary for the Marshals' Event is here.