Duke of York's Royal Military School (Walk HQ)

Last updated 20 March 2018

This page will be revised and updated in April 2018. Meanwhile, if you have any queries about arrangements at the school, please contact John Elrick, the Finish HQ Co-ordinator, on jandaelrick@btinternet.com



The finish will be in the main Refectory about 400 yards from the school gate.  Nearly all facilities will be grouped together here, food, baggage reclaim, first aid, enquiries etc.


A main meal for retirees and finishers will be available from 5.00pm Sunday, with drinks and a sandwich snack before that, if required.  From about 4.00am Monday, the meal served will be a full breakfast.


There will be no facilities for camping or sleeping at the school on Friday night.  Camper vans can be brought onto site from 6.30am Saturday and used until we vacate the premises at 2.00pm Monday.  The Old Gymnasium (where you will have left a breakfast bag) will be available for sleeping until 1.00pm Monday.


Changing rooms and showers are available in the new Sports Hall, about 250 yards from the Refectory.  They are nearer to the main parking area.


The number of toilets close to the Refectory are limited.  For long stay uses please use those in the Sports Hall changing rooms.


Supporters are welcome on site.  Please follow security staff directions and signs for parking.  In the Refectory please give finishers priority for any seating.


Cars may be parked from 1.00pm Friday until we vacate the site at 2.00pm Monday.