Parking at Teignmouth

Parking at Teignmouth

 Additional parking facilities located approximately 1 mile from the Teignmouth Community School have been obtained.  These will be available from 1.30pm on Friday 24 May, enabling those arriving in Teignmouth before 6pm and/or travelling on to Wadebridge by other means, to park their vehicles in a designated area.

 Those entrants booked to stay overnight at Teignmouth Community School, and those who drive camper vans will be able to park at the School in a designated area after 6pm on Friday 24 May.  All others will park in the additional off site facilities available.**** With effect from 26 March 2013: No further requests for overnight parking on Friday night at the school can be accepted, this facility is now full.

Marshals - please note: Only those marshals who have booked a parking place will be able to park in the school on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Supporters please note: Please find parking off site on road, but if parking on Exeter Road (road passing school) you must only park on the left-hand, school side, of the road as you look at the sea

The off- site parking area will be open on Friday 24 May from 1.30pm to Midnight, and from 4am on Saturday 25 May.

Coaches to Wadebridge will leave from the off-site parking area as well as from Teignmouth Community School.  Those entrants leaving from the off-site parking area will hand in their breakfast and end luggage there before boarding a coach.  Breakfast luggage will be weighed and measured as stipulated in the Rules of the Event.  Breakfast luggage will be transported to Kelly College Prep School, Tavistock, and the end luggage to Teignmouth Community School.

Washing and toilet facilities, plus refreshments will be available at the School on Saturday morning, but not at the off-site parking facilities.

Those arriving at Teignmouth on Saturday morning and wishing to use the facilities at Teignmouth Community School before boarding a coach must ensure that they leave sufficient time to park their car, have their luggage weighed and then walk to the School before 6am. They will then be able to board a coach at the School.

 Transport at regular intervals will be available to take entrants from Teignmouth Community School to their cars on the off-site parking area when they are ready to depart after the walk.

 Details of their designated parking area will be included in the final details pack sent out to entrants.