GPS Offer for Entrants

This page introduces a special event offer of a GPS with customised event mapping offered by Satmap Systems. The LDWA has no commercial interest in this offer.

Satmap Systems, a GPS and digital mapping company based in the UK in Surrey, is offering a special package comprising a GPS unit with battery, plus tailored mapping along the published event route. The mapping comprises Ordnance Survey mapping at 1: 25, 000 scale as a stripe centred along the published event route shown on the Route Map page. Outside of the stripe, the mapping is first at OS 1: 50, 000 scale, then OS Road Map. These maps are supplied on an SD card that is locked (by encryption) to the GPS unit and cannot be used on PCs or other GPSs. As the mapping is held in the GPS, using these maps does not need an internet connection. The event route line can be updated by downloading the final route as a digital track file from the Route Description page, where the latest published route files may be found, and loading this file into the unit (via a PC link). Satmap also provides a general online route plotting service for Britain (Premium Online Route Planner) to its customers. Spare rechargeable batteries may be bought from Satmap, or the unit will use AA cells (including rechargeables). The unit has an illuminated screen providing for night-time use.

Details of the Satmap offer to entrants for the LDWA Games 100 are on the PDF form below. Customers taking up the offer become customers of Satmap - the LDWA has no commercial interest in the offer.

Satmap Games 100 event offer (PDF)

For those already with a Satmap unit, the event map card above is available separately from Satmap here.

The Games 100 event rules permit use of GPS units with mapping, provided adequate battery life is carried. The rules include in 7: Maps in electronic format will also be allowed provided durability and adequate power supply can be demonstrated if requested by a marshal.

Existing users of GPSs may also use the latest event track files by downloading them from the link above, and loading them into their GPS unit.

The event Harvey Map may also be carried as a low-cost back-up by GPS users,

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