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Strider News Archive

Every issue of our members’ magazine, Strider, includes information about new and updated long distance paths. Since 2008 an online LDPs News service has been provided paralleling items on Strider (see next section for recent items only). The cumulative Strider LDPs News articles between 2002 when the previous Handbook 7th Edition went to press up until April 2008 when research for the 2009 Handbook 8th Edition was nearing completion are available for LDWA members to download as a file from the link below. In this file, note that websites and email addresses are not set as clickable links  as they may be out of date or no longer be in use. The text here is only that published in Strider without any subsequent updates. For clickable links use the data returned from the main search screens: Search by Path, Search by Publication, Search by Supplier and Search by Location, or using these search options, refer to individual paths pages where past stories are listed.

Download Composite LDP News File to 2008

Strider LDP News Items

The list below shows the paths which have been covered in the last three and the forthcoming Strider issues. These lists roll forwards after each new Strider.

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