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If you look in our calendar, you will see some of the events organized by our Group. Only members of the LDWA are automatically allowed to participate in our social walks but, by arrangement, we welcome visitors who are not members. As our name implies, we cover substantial distances on our walks and maintain a brisk pace across country using footpaths that may not be as well maintained as we would wish. Please e-mail Peter Hogg (peter.hogg@btinternet.com) if you wish to participate on any of our events or have any queries. You will be very welcome subject to the above restrictions.

Additional information on Essex-Herts 40th Anniversary Celebrations will be published on this page when available.

All challenge event entry forms and event results can be found under 'Entry Forms' or 'Event Results' on the Home Page toolbar.

Standard Entry Forms (SEF) are not accepted.
These Entry Forms are currently available:
Herts Hobble 2015 Sunday 28 June 2015
Shotley 50 Saturday/Sunday 26/27 September 2015
21st Blackwater Marathon Saturday 24 October 2015


Payment By Cheques for E&H Challenge Events.  I have been advised by our bank that cheques should be made out as follows for all E/H events if they are not to be rejected - LDWA Essex/Herts Group.  Could everyone kindly do so in future.



Dogs on Walks: The LDWA has issued new guidance about dogs on walks - see this link: Policy on dogs.  In compliance with these guidelines, announcements for each Essex and Herts walk will specify whether or not dogs (other than assistance dogs) are allowed.  If they are, owners must have liability innsurance cover for their dogs.  It is advised that walk organisers/leaders seek verbal assurance of the fact from their owners and remind them that it their responsibility to keep their dogs under control at all times.


Accident/Incident Reporting:  The LDWA has issued new guidance on accident/incident reporting, which are available for downloading (see Accident/Incident Reporting on toolbar).  It is strongly recommended that event organisers and walk leaders have available/carry a form with them on their events/walks.


First Aitl Kits:   First Aid kits are always present at checkpoints on Challenge Events, however, participants are strongly advised to carry their own personal first aid kit on both social walks and challenge events to meet their immediate requirements until such time as appropriate medical assistance, if required, can be proviced.


Walks;  The following have been added to PhotoAlbum;

40th Anniversary AGM Jan 2015

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