Future Events

Sat 27th Dec 2014

Call Me Mr Predictable!

Group Walk - 14.5ml. 09.00 Winlaton Mill c.p. Maps: Exp 307,316 (GR NZ186610). Festive adornments optional but encouraged. Dogs welcome on lead. Leader John Scott. C: Bill Milbourne

Sat 10th Jan 2015

A Gobful of Minestrone

Group Walk - 15ml. 08.30 St Mary's Church, Slaley Village. Map: Exp 43 (GR NY974577). Followed by AGM, Rose and Crown, Slaley Village. . Please use parking area opp. church or park considerately in village centre. (Do not use pub c.p. for full day). Dogs welcome on leads. C: Bill Milbourne

Sat 24th Jan 2015

Another Oldie

Group Walk - 15ml. 09.00 Blanchland c.p. Maps: Exp 43,307 (GR NY965504). No dogs due to open access. Leader Ron Chambers. C: Bill Milbourne

Sat 21st Feb 2015

It Wasn't My Idea, Honest!

Group Walk - 15ml. 09.00 Bellingham c.p. Map: Exp 42 (GR NY833833). Includes section of Pennine Way, N of Bellingham. Dogs welcome on leads. Leader Jim Arden. C: Bill MIlbourne

Sat 7th Mar 2015

The Way of the Maidens

Group Walk - 20ml. 08.30 From c.p. next to Wallace Arms, Featherstone Row Foot stn. Map: Exp 43 (GR NY682608). A Pennine Way and South Tyne Trail plod, where blokes can come too!. Dogs welcome on leads. L: Peter Ford. C: Bill Milbourne

Sat 21st Mar 2015

Wrinklies Ressurected

Group Walk - 21ml. 08.30 Bellingham c.p. Maps: Exp 42,43 (GR NY833833). Includes section of Pennine Way, W of Bellingham . Dogs welcome on leads. Leader Ron Chambers (a.k.a. Wrinkly the Younger). C: Bill Milbourne

Sat 28th Mar 2015

A Couple of Bits of PW

Group Walk - 22ml. 08.30 Walltown c.p. near Greenhead. Map: Exp 43 (GR NY668660). Includes section of Pennine Way in Hadrian's Wall area . Dogs welcome on leads. Leader Bill Milbourne. C: Bill Milbourne

Sat 18th Apr 2015

Marjorie's Motivational Meander

Group Walk - 23ml. 08.30 Alston Rlwy Stn. Map: Exp 31 (GR NY717468). Includes Pennine Way from Garrigill to Alston . Station c.p closed outside 'steaming times'. Limited parking adj to garage at N end of village NY717463, or park considerately in centre. Dogs welcome on leads. Leader Chris McDowell . C: Bill…

Sat 25th Apr 2015

Up, Up and Away

Group Walk - 23ml. 08.30 Kirk Yetholm village green. Map: Exp 16 (GR NT827282). Strenuous walk on Pennine Way high route, via White law to Windy Gyle and beyond, returning on the low Pennine Way . Dogs welcome on leads. Leader Ricky Scott. C: Bill Milbourne

Sat 27th Jun 2015

Durham Dales Challenge

Challenge Event - 30 or 16ml. in 12hr. From Wolsingham School (GR NZ071374). 30ml route goes to Middleton in Teesdale via Meeting of the Grains, and returns via Hudeshope Beck, Pikestone Fell and above Allotment House. 16ml route Pikestone Fell to B6278 and returns via Bollihope and River Wear. Start: both routes…